Sunday, June 2, 2013

LaSalle Lake.....Target: Blue Cats

Met up with Dan, Jason, Marty, and Chunsum from DuPage Angler to try for some blue cats on LaSalle Lake.  Everybody caught one or two blue cats during our trip, with it being the first blue catfish for a few of the guys which was cool. The blue catfish we caught today probably averaged 2-3lbs. Dan saved the day by catching some shad at a local pond with his fishing net the evening before the trip. Fresh cut shad are a hard bait to beat when fishing for blues.  Dan did a nice write-up of our trip on his blog here: Pondboy's Angling Adventures

Fish Caught: Blue catfish - 2
                    Channel catfish - 2
Successful Baits: Cut shad on three-way swivel rig with 3/0 circle hooks.
Weather: Cloudy, NW winds 10-15mph. low 60's.
Water Temp: 78

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