Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Midweek Kayak Bass Fishing

Dan(Pondboy's Angling Experience) called me Wednesday evening to see if I wanted to meet up and do some kayak fishing.  He must of read my mind because I was already in my garage looking at my rods trying to decide where to go when he called.  We decided to fish a small suburban lake I had fished once before and had some good luck.  When we arrived Dan wasn't too excited about the carry in distance to the lake but I told him it would be worth it.  I started off drifting towards a deeper hole where I had caught bass on my first trip but other than a couple small missed bites on my topwater frog things started out pretty slow.  Then Dan started fishing a shady bank with a 4" power worm and small hula popper and the bites came one after the other for him.

The area Dan was catching his bass out of was probably only 1-2 feet deep but it was against a tree lined bank on the western shore so it provided the shade the bass were seeking. After watching Dan catch four or five bass in about 10 minutes, I gave up on the deeper holes and turned my kayak around and started fishing the shady bank as well.  Even I'm not that stubborn :).
After landing a few small bass on the frog I missed a good bite and remarked to Dan how he would probably end up catching the bass when he fished that spot.  While I was telling him that I noticed my frog get sucked under,  I thought this was just another small bass or perhaps even a bluegill because of the light bite but when I set the hook it turned out to be a nice 18" largemouth.

As the sun lowered we continued to catch bass but the best bite would turn out to be the western shoreline where we began.  Dan was probably outfishing me 4 to 1 but I stuck with the frog in hopes of getting another chance at the big bass I missed on my first trip at this lake.  That never happened for me but eventually I heard Dan sounding excited a little further up the lake about a bigger fish.  A nice 19" largemouth had fell to his 4" powerworm.

A short while later the powerworm produced again with a huge 9.5" bluegill, sweet!

As the sun began to set we fished our way back to the take out and I noticed something large moving through some lily pads towards my frog.  I thought it was a muskrat but when I moved in closer I saw it was the biggest bullfrog I have ever seen.  It would take a huge bass to choke down this guy!

Dan ended the evening with another nice bass. It was a great night to be out fishing with a friend and kayak fishing is a great way to clear the mind, especially during a busy work week.

Fish caught: 7 Largemouth Bass   (Dan: 20+ largemouth, 1 bluegill)
Successful baits: Booyah Pad Crasher(bullfrog)
Weather: Partly cloudy, NW winds 5-10mph, upper 70's
Water Temp: Unknown


  1. That looks like a nice bass you caught Ted. Maybe you should carry some gigs for those big bull frogs next time you go.

  2. I saw the same big bull frog when we were there on the 4th.

  3. Yeah, that big one would have some meat on his legs! I'm not sure if I'd want to eat anything out of these renention ponds though, including frogs.