Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flooding on the DuPage

I had the day off and had planned on getting some river fishing in today.  Unfortunately, Naperville received 7"+ of rain over the past two days and all of the area rivers are currently experiencing major flooding.  I drove around and took a few photos of the East and West Branches of the DuPage river just north of the confluence.  Royce Rd and Weber Rd were both closed to traffic at their bridges on the East Branch.  Some high school kids decided it was a good day for some canoeing on the West Branch at Knoch Knolls Park and I later ran into some soaking wet guys emerging from the East Branch behind Whalon Lake with boogie boards. They said the water was cold....ha, I bet!

USGS East Branch Gage at Bolingbrook recording 25.67 ft.

 East Branch DuPage River flooding Royce Rd.

East Branch DuPage River flooding Weber Rd.

East Branch DuPage River crossing over Weber Rd with an abandoned vehicle.
DuPage River Sports Complex, just follow the gully to first kids!

Whalon Lake flooding fishermans dock.

West Branch DuPage River flooding Knoch Knolls Park.

Canoeing flooded areas of Knoch Knolls Park.

West Branch DuPage River flooding the parking lot at Weigand Riverfront Park.

Water rushing over the trail and into Whalon Lake.

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