Friday, April 5, 2013

Zeroed at LaSalle

Got a bad feeling when I felt a warm wind blowing off the lake when I arrived at LaSalle about 5pm earlier this evening.  My suspicions were correct when I measured water temps at 70!  I'm not sure why water temps rose 13 degrees in a week, it hasn't been that warm out lately.  They must have been generating and pushing a lot of water through the plant this week.  I gave it a go for two hours anyways but came up empty as I expected.  I probably need to invest in a big cat rod and have a catfishing back up plan for future trips.  This may be my last trip to LaSalle this year unless I see some reports of cooler water temps.  At least Heidecke should start turning on soon.

Weather: Partly cloudy, ENE wind 15-20mph, upper 40's.
Water Temp: 70

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