Friday, May 17, 2013

Multi-species day at Heidecke

I stopped by Heidecke on my drive home from Nebraska this evening.  Primarily fished the south side of the center dike, fish were mostly hooked about as far as I could cast from shore. Nothing big but it was nice getting my first Heidecke walleye and hybrid under my belt.  Biggest walleye was 15", just short of the 16" minimum at Heidecke. Crappie were still in spawning mode, the 13" male I caught was black.  Although small, catching my first yellow bass ever was the highlight of the trip for me.

Fish caught: Yellow Bass -1
                   Walleye - 2 (13-15")
                   Hybrid Striper -1 (15")
                   Crappie - 2  (10-13")
Successful baits: Yellow swim shad
Weather: Cloudy, E wind 5-10mph, mid 60's
Water Temp: 67

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